About Us

Our Journey

In 2001, Larry’s Labor Hire embarked on a journey that would take us from a humble startup to a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the labour industry. What began as a small venture with a focus on manual labour and staffing solutions, gradually grew to encompass a variety of sectors and skill sets. Over the years, we steadily grew, carving out a niche for ourselves through unwavering commitment to quality service. Our story took an exciting turn in 2007, when we diversified our operations by starting a traffic management business (Construct Traffic), adding another layer of utility for our valued clients and opened new doors of opportunity..


A New Chapter: 2016 Rebranding and partnering

The story of our growth wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the arrival of Sean Barrey in 2016. Realizing the need for a specialized focus on labour hire, we partnered with Sean to manage this crucial aspect of the business. When Sean joined us, it marked the beginning of a transformative era. With his arrival, we found the perfect opportunity to refocus, refine, and rebrand our enterprise from Larry’s Labor Hire to Construct Personnel. This rejuvenation was not merely cosmetic but deeply integral to improving our services and client relationships. Under Sean's able leadership, we shifted the emphasis from simply filling vacancies to selectively placing highly-qualified staff in roles where they could truly excel.

The rebranding also led to redefining our mission and vision statements, aligning them more closely with our commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service.


Team and Culture

Sean’s influence extended beyond strategy and into the very culture of the workplace. He brought together a dynamic team of professionals who were not only experts in their fields but also culture-fit for the collaborative and supportive environment we wanted to nurture.

It’s not just about delivering exceptional service to clients; it's also about providing a fantastic place for our employees to grow and thrive. The vibrant culture is a living testament to the values held dear and is instrumental in making us a trusted name in the labour hire industry.


Current Reality

Today, under the new brand identity (Construct Personnel), we continue to build on the legacy of providing outstanding service. Diversified services in labour hire have enabled us to be a one-stop solution for clients, and meticulous focus on quality ensures we meet and exceed expectations.


The Way Forward

As we set our sights on the future, we are not just excited about the possibilities that lie ahead but also proud to announce our recent launch in New South Wales (NSW). This expansion is a significant milestone for us, reflecting our sustained growth and our commitment to reaching more clients and communities with our services.

We are grounded in the fundamentals that have brought us this far: exceptional service, quality staffing, and an amazing work culture. As we grow, we remain committed to bringing our unique blend of quality service and community values to new markets.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are more than just a labour hire company; we are a family committed to the success of our clients and employees alike.